Tuesday, 5 November 2013

**Mayumi’s Bakery on 14th December**

At Mayumi's bakery we bake hand-made bread Japanese style. The texture of our bread (pastries) is different from what comes from bakeries here. Bread which has been made by typical Japanese culinary methods tends to be softer and contains more moisture.

Our bread is made with our hands without using a bread baking machine, because it is important to "feel" the bread through kneading it. Moreover, our dough needs a long time to be raised, because we use less yeast and everything happens at low temperature. We believe that the taste develops over time and     makes bread more delicious. 
Some of our bread (Pastries) is used our original produce by mixing flour, grapes, yoghurt and etc. The types of the yeast used determine the taste of the bread. So, Please find the difference!

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