Friday, 8 June 2012

                          Thank you for coming to the last Market!(16th June)

The next market will be held on 8th September.It's will be our 1st year anniversaire! Although name of  the market will be changed to Jolly Market,a contact detail remain as before.  Please note however that the opening hours will be changed to 1:30-5:30 which is shorter than  before. Collector,Artist,
Crafter,Shop clearance,Designer,Planter,Cooker....Join us!!!

                          We are looking forward to seeing you on September.
                                         Have a lovely summer holiday.

             *  *

 I approach my work with a unique perspective that takes into account, each painting, is a journey, for you. Look and study the colours of the formation. This technical manipulates the colours & oils making a journey together,  all by free hand painting.

               * *

This method involves stretching fabrics over the PVC backing and attaching it to the frame of choice. 
Most fabrics are suitable; however silks and thin cottons and linens work the best.
Left as it is or combined with decorative trimmings, your contemporary looking shade will look great!

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