Thursday, 14 July 2011

Jolly Hobbies Market

So, here it is the flyer I made for the Jolly Hobbies Market.

 We're so pleased that we are finally starting this Market up! It was quite a hard work then we thought, but at the end we made it to this stage.

 Also at the Market we will be asking for donations for the Japanese earthquake. As we three girls(organizers) coming from Japan, we are deeply sadden about the recent event. We wanted to do something to help as little as possible and so we thought this would be a another good opportunity to raise fund for helping Japan. All the donation received will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. There will be a box at the venue which you can donate any amount you wish. It will mean a lot for us how big or small amount you will donate. Your support will be very much appreciated!

 We'll be posting more news on here, so please stop by often what's happening!

 For more info how to get to the Market, please click How to reach us at the top left of this page.

+++ Update +++
We still have stalls available for people who would be interested in booking with us.
Please email us at:

It would be helpful if you can include your website(picture) or description of work when emailing us.

Thank you.

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